​Gazprom-Media’s top managers hold lectures on production for Moscow State University students
25 February 2019

Gazprom-Media Holding has carried out the first part of the educational program “Production of films and television programs” for the students of the Moscow State University’s Higher School of Policy in Culture and Administration in Humanities.

This course of lectures is meant to help prepare qualified personnel in the film and television industry. As part of the initiative, students heard presentations by the general manager of KIT Film Studio Dzhanik Fayziev, chief producer of NTV channel Timur Weinstein, director of sports broadcasts at Match TV Evgeniy Meytes, and the deputy director of strategic marketing at TNT Ruben Oganesyan.

In the first lecture, Dzhanik Fayziev spoke about the myths and realities of the modern film and web industry, as well as the challenges of working as a producer. As part of his master class, he told students how contemporary popular content is produced in various environments. The emphasis of his presentation was on the importance of understanding and studying the audience that the producer is working for. He also urged students to expand the meaning of the word “producer” by creating events that are interesting to a wide audience.

“A producer is a serf! You will have to work 24 hours, and you must always remember what audience you are creating the product for. Of course, there is no content that is absolutely ideal for all. But the producer must understand the audience that he is working for and find a way to connect to this audience,” said Dzhanik Fayziev.

Timur Weinstein’s lecture “Creativity or business? What does the producer’s job consists of?” taught students about the things that make television projects successful, such as the creation of a universal idea, formation of a project team, and the promotion of content. Timur Weinstein also told students about the common measurements in the producer’s world: budget, time slot and audience.

“A producer is the only person who participates in all stages of the project’s creation. His work begins with finding an idea and understanding which particular audience will find it interesting before the finished product is promoted to that very audience. The main thing is to find the right people at all stages of this process because television is a team effort. The producer must know the basics of all the professions that are involved in creating any project in order to evaluate the professional qualities of each team member. If any of them makes mistakes, this is your fault and, consequently, your defeat. But if everyone you energised with your idea does their job professionally, then everyone wins, including the producer,” said Timur Weinstein.

The third master class, which focused on “The development of sport broadcasts”, was held by Evgeniy Meytes. The director of sports broadcasts at Match TV spoke about the particularities of sports broadcasting at major international sporting events.

“The interaction between television and sport, their influence on each other are enormous. It is impossible to imagine sport without television today, just like television without sport. For TV, sport is viewership share, ratings, entertainment. For sport, TV is recognition and growth of fan numbers around the world," said Evgeniy Meytes.

Ruben Oganesyan gave the closing master class of the series, “Production of marketing campaigns”. TNT’s deputy director told students how advertising campaigns are made and what factors need to be considered when creating promo materials. He also shared the main principles of 360 campaigns based on the examples of the TV series Domashny Arest (House Arrest), Konnaya Politsiya (Mounted Police), Svet s Togo Sveta (Light from the Other Side) and other TV projects at TNT.

Gazprom-Media Holding will continue the educational course “Production of films and television programs” at the Moscow State University at the end of March 2019. The course is carried out with the support of Gazprom-Media’s KIT Group of Companies, NTV channel and the Holding’s other companies.