​Gazprom-Media brings star power to National Advertising Forum 2018
21 November 2018

So-called “advertising days” were held in Moscow from November 12-16. This is an important period for the industry during which several major events were organized: the conference “Advertising - the real economy”, the National Advertising Forum 2018, the Mixx Russia Awards ceremony and Mixx Russia Conference, the ceremony for the winners of the Red Apple professional competition and the opening of the exhibition "Russian history through the advertising mirror." Gazprom-Media Holding was the title partner of the event.

Dmitry Chernyshenko, CEO of Gazprom-Media Holding, and the Holding’s top managers took part in the “advertising days” by making presentations in most venues and in the most diverse formats.

Television - the broadest mass media

The industrial conference “Advertising - the real economy” kicked off the “advertising days” at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation. Dmitry Chernyshenko spoke at the conference about the modern media space and its transformation. In his speech, Chernyshenko noted that television has a direct impact on the development of the economy as the broadest media platform with a monthly audience that covers 99% of the population. In his forecast, he set the growth of TV advertising next year at 10%.

Dmitry Chernyshenko also took part in the opening of the exhibition “Russian history through the advertising mirror” at the Museum of Contemporary History of Russia. The event was held as part of the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Association of Russian Communication Agencies (AKAR).

“Let's continue to work in advertising because advertising is not only the most important driver of our economy, but also our joint social responsibility to preserve the values that make us who we are,” said the Holding’s CEO in his congratulatory speech.

Content of the future

The Holding’s 19 top managers participated in 13 discussion panels at the National Advertising Forum, which was held from November 13-14 at the World Trade Center.

On November 13, Gazprom-Media organized its own discussion panel “Content of the future”. The heads of NTV, Match TV, TNT, TV-3, Friday!, TNT4 and GPM KIT Group of Companies gave their opinions on topical issues regarding entertainment, sports and news television, film and TV series production of the new generation and for the new generation, as well as new advertising formats. Panel participants included general manager of Friday! TV channel Nikolay Kartozia, director of TV-3 channel Valery Fyodorovich, chief producer of Match TV Natalia Bilan, TNT’s creative producer Alexander Dulerain, NTV’s editor-in-chief and first deputy general manager Alexandra Kosharnitskaya, and the general manager of GPM KIT Rafael Minasbekyan. TNT4’s director Gavriil Gordeev moderated the panel.

Gazprom-Media’s top managers at the National Advertising Forum

Gazprom-Media representatives took part in other discussion panels on the same day. NTV’s general manager Alexei Zemsky spoke at the panel “Media brands: Moving up”. Natalia Bilan took part in the panel "FIFA 2018. 2018 reasons to think about how sports marketing has changed, and what it can give us now." Denis Sotnikov, commercial director of Match TV, spoke about the future of sports advertising as part of the discussion “More next. Development of sports marketing in Russia". Marianna Ivanova, head of the legal department at Gazprom-Media Sales House, spoke at the panel “Active longevity: New challenges and prospects for structural changes in pharmaceutical marketing”. Ekaterina Veselkova, general manager of Gazprom-Media Sales House, took part in the panel “Branded content. Trends. Case Studies. Efficiency".

Make a sale in 60 seconds!

Gazprom-Media Radio’s sales director Alexey Zyatitsky was among the speakers of MIXX: DIGITAL AUDIO AD, where audio advertising was discussed. Specifically, whether this advertising is effective, how the audience reacts to it and if there is a possibility to foster commercial communication capabilities in an audio format.

Yulia Andryushova, director of GPM Radio’s analytical department, participated in the panel, “Advertising in the regions”. In this discussion, representatives of various media outlets and leading industry experts discussed promising areas for developing advertising tools, taking regional specifics into consideration, and shared success stories of regional advertising campaigns.

The host of the show Murzilki Live on Avtoradio, Mikhail Zakharov, took part in a discussion of sports marketing in Russia. The discussion focused on how the media draws in sports fans, the trends in the consumption of sports and sports-related content and what has changed since the FIFA 2018 World Cup.

The hosts of Radio ENERGY Simon, Morozova and Gornostaeva, which headline the BLACK2WHITE show, presented the project “Make a sale in 60 seconds” at the 2018 National Advertising Forum’s #RadioSummit, as the discussion’s moderator, Like FM copywriter Vitaly Mishura called their performance.

Sponsorship - brand’s best friend

On November 14, Gazprom-Media held its second panel discussion, “Sponsorship - brand’s best friend,” moderated by Ekaterina Veselkova. Representatives of the largest telecom and media companies discussed success case studies, shared their experiences and presented unique media planning tools. The panel also featured a presentation of the results of the first industry study on sponsorship, which was carried out with the support of the Association of Russian Communication Agencies (AKAR).

Representatives of Gazprom-Media Holding also participated in other panels at the National Advertising Forum. Daria Pugachyova, Gazprom-Media Holding’s research director, spoke at the TV Summit, while Erika Kuyantseva, the Holding’s HR director, made a presentation at the HR Summit.

Effective collaboration and TNT’s terrible secrets on Red Apple

Gazprom-Media Sales House introduced its nomination “Our reliable partner” as part of the Red Apple festival. The prize is awarded to an advertiser who has had a long-standing partnership with a company. Ekaterina Sivoratchenko, head of sales at Gazprom-Media's Sales House, presented the prize and diploma to the management of ZELDIS Pharma Group of Companies.

The deputy director of strategic marketing at TNT, Ruben Oganesyan, also shared “TNT’s terrible secrets” at the Red Apple festival. He presented the key case studies from TNT channel in the promotion and marketing of entertainment content and described how marketing ensures a strong link between the audience and the content of the channel.

Gazprom-Media’s stand worked on site during all days of the National Advertising Forum. Here visitors and event participants were able to test the premium service TNT-PREMIER, get familiar with Gazprom-Media brands, and also take pictures with the stars and personalities of the Holding’s TV channels in a special interactive photo booth.

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Photos from the “advertising days” events are available here.