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29 June
​Gazprom-Media Holding to renew management team

Gazprom-Media Holding is announcing new appointments to its top management. Svetlana Fefilova, Yulia Golubeva and Ruben Oganesov, who currently serve as advisors to the CEO, will be appointed deputy CEOs.

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31 January
​Gazprom-Media’s top managers speak at CSTB.Telecom&Media 2020 Forum

Gazprom-Media’s experts talked about media development, video viewing trends, opportunities for creating new content and formats, as well as the role of digital technologies in the industry.

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30 January
​Number of deleted links to searchable pirated content tripled in 2019

In 2019, search engines removed three times more links to pirated resources that contain video content of Gazprom-Media Holding as compared to 2018. This became possible by fulfilling the conditions outlined in the memorandum on cooperation on copyright protection in the digital environment.

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27 January
​Central Partnership’s earnings from the release of Russian films increased by 33% to 6 billion rubles in 2019

The share of Central Partnership (included in the group of companies GPM KIT, which is part of Gazprom-Media Holding) at the box office among domestic films across all film distributors reached 58% in 2019, according to company data. In 2018, this share was 32%.

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27 December 2019
​Gazprom-Media buys technology company Getintent

Gazprom-Media Holding has announced its purchase of the technology company Getintent, which specializes in automated advertising services. This deal will strengthen the Holding’s position in the digital marketing segment and offer customers new opportunities for automated advertising.

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