The brands of Gazprom media - Match TV and TNT projects entered the final rating of search requests of Yandex
10 December 2015

The launch of Match TV, nine TNT TV projects and Timur Batrutdinov, the resident of Comedy Club entered the list of topics which arouse a great deal of Yandex users’ interest in 2015.

The start of Match TV has become one of the most prospective events of the year. In June, people knew about the creating of a new channel, and in December Match TV took the third place in the category Premier, having conceded its leadership to the global brands - Samsung Galaxy X6 and Windows 10.

In the top three among the TV projects were TNT show The fight of extrasensories(Bitva extrasensov), Bachelor (Holostyak) and Dancing (Tantsy). In addition, the users searched for the information about the program Psychics are investigating(Extrasensy vedut rassledovaniye) which was in the sixth place of the rating.

Five TNT projects hit the top ten of most popular Russian TV serial: Sweet life (Sladkaya Zhizn) and Law of stone jungle (Zakon kamennyh djungley) took second and third places. Also, Yandex users were interested in the TV serial Izmeny, Univer. Novaya obschaga and True guys (Realniye patsany).

TNT series projects are popular not only among Internet users, but also among TV viewers. According to TNS Russia, the average viewing percentage of the series Izmeny, which was released this autumn, was 16.6% among audience aged 14-44 years and 20.5% aged 18-30 years. Audience share of the second season of Sweet life (Sladkaya Zhizn) was 17.6% among viewers aged 14 to 44 years, and the average percentage of the series ZKD. Zakon djungley was 17.4%.

In third place of the rating, among men, whose names were looked for by Yandex users was a resident of Comedy Club Timur Batrutdinov .