​NTV to premiere KIT Film Studio’s war drama Alyosha on May 9
30 April

NTV channel will show the four-episode war drama Alyosha on the 75th anniversary of Victory Day. Produced by KIT Film Studio, the drama is not a story about war, but rather the people who found themselves at the centre of this war - the partisan Efrem Zhavoronok, who suffers from a concussion, and the young inexperienced soldier Alyosha. The lead roles in the film were performed by Vladimir Yepifantsev and Maksim Saprykin, respectively. Timur Weinstein, Dzhanik Fayziev and Rafael Minasbekyan served as the chief producers of the film.

The film is based on a story by Soviet writer Ivan Ptashnikov, “Naydorf”, which talks about the final fascist blockade in one of the partisan regions in Belarus and the first days after its liberation from invaders. The local partisans, which include 16-year-old Alyosha and the peasant Efrem Zhavoronok, are preparing to fight back against the multi-thousand army of the Whrmacht, which is approaching Naydorf village. They face seemingly insurmountable obstacles, but the heroes always remember that they have their whole country behind them, so they cannot retreat.