​NTV launches new project about doctors’ work during pandemic
27 April

NTV is launching a new program called 24/7 COVID-19, which is dedicated to the real heroes of our times - the doctors who stay at their posts around the clock and save the lives of people at the risk to their own health. The program was created with the support of the Natsionalniye Prioritety (National Priorities) organisation and the website стопкоронавирус.рф.

NTV viewers can tune in to the program every day from Monday to Thursday at 7:45 to observe what is happening in hospitals during the pandemic. A total of 12 episodes of the program are planned. In the first episode viewers will learn about the hard work done by doctors at so-called “COVID” medical institutions, and also find out how medical workers stay motivated, optimistic and confident that the current situation will be resolved successfully.

The project’s authors are confident that the program will motivate viewers to take better care of their health and show how important it is to follow all the expert recommendations about self-isolation and disease prevention during a pandemic. M-Production is producing the show.