​NTV takes top spot in Sunday viewership, while its Maska project becomes best show over past three years
22 April

According to Mediascope data, NTV was the most popular television channel in Russia on Sunday with a share of 13.0% and a rating of 2.8% among viewers aged 18+. Russia 1 followed in second place (11.6% share, 2.5% rating), with Channel One wrapping up the top three (9.9% share, 2.2% rating). NTV also took first place among a young audience aged 14-44. There it got a 9.6% share and 1.3% rating, surpassing the channels STS (9.5% share, 1.3% rating) and REN TV (7.6% share, 1.0% rating).

NTV was able to clinch top spot thanks to its new show Maska (The Masked Singer), which became the best entertainment show to air on Russian television over the past three years. The show reached a record share of 21.1% among Russian television viewers aged 18+, while the show’s rating was 8.1%. At the moment of the show when the singers take off their masks and reveal their identities, the viewership share climbed to 28.7%. According to the rating numbers, Maska surpassed such popular entertainment projects on Channel One as Luchshe Vsekh! (Best of All!, 19.7% share, 8.0% rating), Zvezdy pod Gipnozom (Stars Hypnotised, 19.0% share, 7.6% rating), Golos. Deti (The Voice Kids, 21.2% share, 7.5% rating) and Golos (The Voice, 22.3% share, 7.4% rating).

Based on the results of the week, Maska was once again among the top broadcasting events. The show has maintained its leading position for the second week in a row, coming out with a share of 16.5% and a rating of 4.1% among young viewers aged 14 to 44. On Sunday, the Maska show even surpassed the viewership of the Hollywood hit Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, which was shown on STS channel (15.2% share, 3.6% rating).