Dmitry Biryukov
Seven Days Publishing House


Since 1995 – Founder and president of Seven Days Publishing House.

2013 – Became a member of the expert council on the development of the postal industry at the Russian Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications.

Since 2012 – Member of the council at the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation. Since 2008, he has served as a member of the Civic Chamber four times. In 2014, he was appointed Chairman of the Civic Chamber's commission on information development, media and mass communication.

2010 – Elected as a member of the Academy of Russian Press.

Since 2009 – Member of the expert council on mass communications and member of the expert council on printed press at the Russian Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications.

Since 2007 – Member of the Public Council of the Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications.

1994 to 1995 – President of CJSC TV-Park.

1993 – General Director and Vice-President of RTV-Press. Member of the editorial council at Obshaya Gazeta.

1986 to 1991 – Editor of the international section and Deputy Editor of the publicist section in the Ogonyok magazine.

1981 to 1986 – Correspondent for Gosteleradio USSR in India.

1979 to 1981 – Editor in the main editorial office of the USSR State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting, the Mayak program.

Dmitry Biryukov was born in 1957 in Moscow. He graduated from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, School of International Journalism.

He is married and has three sons.

In 2003, Dmitry Biryukov received the title Honored Worker of the Press. In 2007, the Russian Government awarded his work in the printed mass media sector and, in 2011, he received the Order of Honor for his large contribution to the development of mass media in the Russian Federation.