The KIT Film Studio covers the whole cycle of producing full-length television and documentary films.

The studio’s production volume is about 300 hours of premium serial content per year for such channels as NTV, Channel One, TNT, Rossiya, STS and others. Among already completed works are: Okhota na Dyavola (Hunt for the Devil) with the participation of actor Sergey Bezrukov; Mertv na 99% (99% Dead) with Aleksey Chadov; Myatezh (Mutiny) with the participation of Lyubov Aksyonova, Sergey Shakurov and Pavel Tabakov; Konsultant (The Consultant) with Svetlana Ivanova, Kirill Kyaro and Maksim Drozd; Neulovimye (The Uncatchable) with Sergey Gazarov, Oksana Fandera, Aleksandra Lykova and Yury Stoyanov; and Ministerstvo (The Ministry) with Ivan Oganesyan, Kirill Safonov, Viktor Verzhbitsky and Sergey Koltakov.

The KIT Film Studio, together with the Central Partnership, produced two full-length films in 2016 and 2017 - the epic blockbuster Legenda o Kolovrate (The Legend of Kolovrat) and the film Rubezh (Frontier), which simultaneously tells the story about our modern times and the events that took place during the siege of Leningrad.

The KIT Film Studio has one of the best post-production complexes in Russia for working on video and sound. The complex, with a total area of 1,400 square meters, has three studios for speech dubbing, a studio for recording synchronous sounds, two editing hardware units and two rewriting studios, one of which is certified by Dolby Atmos Premier. The video division includes five hardware units for video editing, hardware for digitization and coding of media data, as well as two colour correction studios.


29 bld. 134 Vereiskaya Ul., Vereyskaya Plaza III