In October 2016 the NTV television company began broadcasting three special interest TV channels in a 24/7 mode: NTV-Serial, NTV-Stil and NTV-Pravo. The broadcasts of the new channels are offered through satellite, cable networks, IPTV and mobile television.

NTV-Stil: A 24-hour channel about lifestyle. It features the best NTV programs about travel, design, repairs and home improvement, cooking and gastronomy, consumer and make-over shows, programs about healthy lifestyles and psychology, as well as documentary projects. Among them are Kvartirny Vopros (The Apartment Question), Dachny Otvet (The Dacha Answer), Poedem, Poedem! (Let’s Go, Let’s Go!), Ih Nravy (Their Manners), Zhensky Vzglyad (The Woman’s View), and Ya Khudeu (I’m Losing Weight).

NTV-Pravo: A round-the-clock educational channel about legal matters. It has judicial shows, journalistic investigations, documentary series, such as Sud Prisyazhnyh (The Jury Trial), Do Suda (Before the Trial), Prokurorskaya Proverka (The Prosecutor’s Checklist), Sudebny Detectiv (The Judicial Detective) and others - all of these programs strive to recount the most dramatic moments in the lives of real characters.

NTV-Serial: A 24-hour channel broadcasting the best series and made-for-TV films. The NTV library boasts a large number of detective and action movies, which the viewers have long been fond of and whose characters they can meet again: Bratany (Brothers), Pyatnitsky, Pasechnik, Psevdonim Albanets, Karpov, Shef (The Boss), Shaman, Plyazh (The Beach), Suprugi (Spouses). This is only a small part of NTV’s film collection, which the channel is happy to present to its viewers.