5.6 million

Russians listen to Comedy Radio


of listeners drive cars


cities receive the station's signal

Entertaining talk shows are the flagship programs on Comedy Radio. The station's listeners have the ability to influence live broadcasts through comments, questions and telephone calls. Comedy Radio is also the station listeners turn on to hear the latest instalments of popular comedy shows, which are produced by Comedy Club Production, such as Comedy Club, Comedy Woman, Stand-Up and Nasha Russia (Our Russia). The radio station's 24-hour broadcasts also feature popular foreign music.

Comedy Radio started broadcasting in Moscow in 2012. In 2015, the station received recognition at the Radiomania national awards show in two categories. GutenMorgenFreeman won in the “Best Morning Show” nomination while Happy Nation was named the “Best Musical Program.”


57 bld. 3 Triphonovskaya st.

Moscow 129272


Phone: +7 (495) 783-30-00, 921-40-41

Fax: (495) 783-30-01

E-mail: info@comedy-radio.ru